Goin’ Down Slow

Circumstances seem to call for a good blues. And this is a VERY good blues which sum it all up rather succinctly.

Over to you Wolf…

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  1. David MacGregor says:

    Where’s The Healer when you need him:

  2. will atkinson says:

    Hi Linds,

    Been checking into your blog even few days for a while waiting to see what news. Radio silence never good so knew things must be getting pretty tough. Sorry to hear it’s reached the next stage – and just to make this a really shit post don’t know if you heard but Kenny Harris died week before last – brains hemorage. (Bugger my spelling’s got as bad as yours.)

    This is a long wearing journey, but there’s masses of people out here who are beside you, even in mind only.

    Love to Jo. Keep on.


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