Life has been pretty good to me. Blessed with a job I like, a wife I can’t love enough and my passion for writing that lets me tell the whole world everything the way I feel. I really am not sure if I could have asked for more. Of course, not to forget the big black flurry creature sitting by my feet, drooling all over the carpet. This little guy has been with us for over 7 years now and he has become part of the house hold.

Many days I sit outside on the porch gazing away into the distance wondering how else my life could have been. I have not had much time to work out and get back my fitness. My wife has been hinting at it as my paunch is showing a little. But frankly, I am not really worried. I know she will love me no matter what ans will stand by me through everything.

However, I have not been feeling too good lately. There has been some stomach issues which has affected not only choice of foods but also the quantity consumed. I have undergone quite a few tests and walked up quite a few doctors’ steps. I am yet to receive a concrete answer or solution to my problem.

In the meanwhile, I decided to take a few days off, to let the stress go and see for myself if this could be a stress induced discomfort. My family friend who is also a doctor has advised me to undertake a few extensive tests and am not really too keen or happy with his suggestion.

No it is not the fear of needles or blood; it is just the fear of what they may find out from those tests. As long as you are oblivious to what is happening to your body, you can ignore it, give some feeble excuse for a reason and carry on with life like always. However, if you go to a  doctor, the entire equation changes.

You have the tests, then the results, and then secondary consultations with the experts, etc, etc. it just goes on and never ends. You may get an answer to your problem eventually but then, it is just too much of a hassle and you get insecure about your health after all those battery of tests.

I am in a similar position too. I thought I may be prescribed something as simple as Hondrocream for your joint pains, but the doctor wants me to do a number of tests for my pain.