Goin’ Down Slow


Music, it has its own way to calm you down or rile you up. Pop in your favorite track and that traffic jam will not bother you anymore.

For those who are yet to discover the joys of this wonderful world, there are quite a number of genres to experiment with.

My foray into this world started when I was in middle school. Trying to be one of the “cool” kids, got me listening to and paying attention to the tracks that were played on the radio, or when my dad used to play one of his favorites from the everlasting classics.

What started out as a means to gain attention, soon turned into a passion and quite frankly, a slight obsession. Of all the genres I was exposed to, the blues is what caught my attention. the experiences and struggles of the singer or song writer were so beautifully expressed. It was poetry with a catchy tune. And the repetition of those lines only made it easier to understand and remember the lyrics. (when you have to stay cool, you need to know the words!)

After a point in time, people around me considered to be well educated and informed in this genre. I had listened to so many songs of this beautiful music; I didn’t realize I was turning heads with my knowledge.

Of all the great singers who ever expressed themselves so beautifully via their blues, Wolf was one that earned the name of the greatest Blues singer ever. He earned this name for a reason – his voice!

Tonsillitis is something that derails many singers, but not this guy. His voice became what it was due to the severe tonsillitis that affected him as a child. Born a black, thrown out of home and raised by an uncle who physically abused him by constantly whipping him with a leather plow lone, this guy had seen it all and experienced it all. Perhaps this experience is what lent the soul to his voice.

And then came the mix.

Blues were changed to blues rock. This attracted more people and more of the younger crowd who wanted a bit of both worlds. But as the tracks increased and gained popularity, the original form of blues was, perhaps forgotten?

Many did not know what the original blues were or what the old classics were. So I decided to compile a list of the blues that made an impact on my mind. Something like the Belas Dicas, an experienced beautician would give for her clients.


Circumstances seem to call for a good blues. And this is a VERY good blues which sum it all up rather succinctly.

Over to you Wolf…