Monthly Archives: May 2012

Big Black Dogs And Little Black Dresses

Black is an universal color. Be it for partying or mourning, this color is a wardrobe staple. Any girl is sure to have one of two of those little black dresses. In our home, the black represented our bundle of naughtiness, our 7 year old lab. He is full of energy and always foraying the yard for something or the other.

It is one of those days where we have to get ready for a party. This is an important party as one of my friends is announcing his engagement. So like any other girl, my wife decides to put her best foot forward in her little black dress and it has my attention immediately. But this little dog of ours or should I say, the big dog of ours has decided not to leave us alone and take up all out space and attention.

Though this cancer has me bad and the chemo has been draining me physically and mentally, I never miss the chance to appreciate the Mrs. I have tried a number of Sztuczki Zdrowia but I still feel tired most of the times. It is instances like this that makes me smile and appreciate every minute I have with my family.

Lost in all these thoughts and mesmerized by that beauty checking herself out in the mirror, I failed to notice this little black dos creeping back into our room without any noise. And out of nowhere I see him jump up on our bed and start licking my face, so that my attention is all diverted back to him. Well, I comply very grudgingly, because I know there is no other way out for me.

After a little licking and cuddling session with my lab, he decides to go back to the garden and dig more of my bushes out. I take this as a welcome break and rush to get ready as we were getting late and I wanted to spend some quiet time with my lady before we hit the party. The drive is not a short one, so I guess we will have quite sometime for ourselves.

As I get ready trying to figure out what I can wear to look decently good enough next to this beauty, I am taken back to the day we announced our engagement to our friends and family. I was so excited that my girlfriend had said a yes to me and I just couldn’t wait for her to decide on a date yet.