Daily Archives: December 24, 2011

C is also for Christmas

It’s Christmas Evre.

I got the results from my CT scan on Monday. Acording my oncologist, my primary tumour is visibly smaler after two cycles of chemo.

Now that is quite a bit of relief. The endless medications and chemo sessions have paid off, after all.

So, what do I have in mind for Christmas this year? Well, I hadn’t planned much really. I was in my gloomy state, worried about my results. Well, yes, I do portray myself as one who has learnt to accept his fate and doesn’t really care much about all these results. But, hey! Am human after all and there are times in life, when I do wish I had it differently.

There are some instances that catch your eye, which makes you want to live a longer healthier life, just to see the leaves fall off the tree during autumn. The beautiful color the season paints the sky in, is worth sitting and watching for hours on end. That is something I enjoy doing. Just sitting and watching the beautiful hues of autumn while rest of the world rushes by.

And then there is the snow. The first snow of the season is not just beautiful but exciting too, every single time! This year when I felt the soft flakes on my hand, I wanted to live and experience it the same way, next year too. To watch the kids wait for the snow to settle, the lake to freeze, so that they can get their ice skates out.

And then the family celebrations…

It’s a family tradition to send out merry Christmas cards, using some of the cheesiest photos you took that year. We laugh at every card that comes in and try to cook up the scenario in which the photo was taken. This brings out the creativity in us and many hours are spent with our story weaving.

Mom bakes these amazing cakes that fill up your nostrils as you step inside the house. There is no escaping the assault of the freshly baked cake smell, as you enter the door. Then comes the icings decided by the kids in the house. They get to choose the design and colors of the frostings on the cake and we just have to accept its “Christmasy”.

Back to reality…

Now that I have a test result worth smiling about, I am wondering if I should just sit back and enjoy the moment or live it to the fullest and go enjoy Christmas….and then I decide to have fun with others. I finish my cup of Chocolate Slim, I pack up my stuff, fill gas in my car and hit the roads with a “ho-ho-ho-ho”.


Merry Christmas everyone.